• Since 2016, the ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz has been honoring individuals who have made a special contribution to the development of the West Palatinate...

Westpfalz: KREATIV network

In the year 2011, the creative network PS: Kreativ [PS: Creative] was founded by the City of Pirmasens's Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung & Liegenschaften [Office for Economic Development and Real Estate]. It is an alliance between numerous active artists who exchange ideas at a monthly meet-up and plan and implement various campaigns. This network makes up the core of development for a regional network with the name Westpfalz: KREATIV.


Cooperation with neighbouring regions

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is our most important neighbour and an important partner. It is exemplary with regard to its business dynamics and established regional institutions. The cooperation agreement between the ZRW and the organisation Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar  [Rhine-Neckar Regional Association] (ZMRN) signed on 25 January 2013 is an important basis for a confident future based on partnership.


Industrial region of competence 4.0

The increasing digitalisation of value-added chains will present great challenges to businesses in the West Palatinate in the coming years. For the long-term competitiveness of businesses, it is decisive that they adjust to the accompanying changes as quickly as possible. As a research location, Kaiserslautern presents a great chance for the entire West Palatinate economy.



The West Palatinate offers charming landscapes, a wide range of sporting opportunities and numerous tourist destinations, but their appeal is nowhere near that of the Eiffel Tower, the Wine Route or Speyr Cathedral. From a tourism point of view, the West Palatinate is overshadowed by the eastern half of the Palatinate - also because the existing potential is not yet sufficiently exploited.


West Palatinate media library

Within the framework of the expansion of the ZRW online offerings, the West Palatinate media library was founded in 2015. Here, high-quality materials (images, videos, presentations, blocks of texts, statistics, cards, etc.) are made available to ZRW members. In this way, the members are supported when promoting and depicting the location of their business, municipality, etc., as well as the West Palatinate region.


Special supplements

As the most widely distributed daily newspaper in the region, "Die Rheinpfalz" is an important media partner and member of the ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz [FutureRegion West Palatinate]. Since mid-2013, three times a year, there has been an extensive special supplement in the "Rheinpfalz" which, with its edition of 72,500 copies, reaches a large majority of households in the region. In the special edition, current projects are shown and new members of the organisation are introduced.


West Palatinate image brochure

The West Palatinate is a region with a high quality of life, open and friendly people, innovative businesses and renowned research institutes – a region with a lot of potential. But that is hardly known in other regions. Even those who live in the West Palatinate aren't aware of it.

With the image brochure, this potential is made clear and people – from the region and those from outside of it – made aware of it. The West Palatinate is shown in a 17-page brochure, including all of its facets, lots of interesting information and fantastic photos.



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