ZRW Projects

Shaping the Future

The ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz [FutureRegion West Palatinate] is much more than a networking platform for the players in the West Palatinate. Our aim is to move ahead with specific projects designed to give the region a secure future. All people of the region are called upon and invited to get involved in shaping their future! In order to structure the many good ideas and approaches, we have determined four strategic pillars - the fields of action for our organisation.

The first pillar focuses on the long-term availability of skilled workers and management as the success of our regional economy and attractive jobs are a deciding factor in keeping young people in the region. Our activities contribute to the better use of existing skilled workers, such as through qualification and stronger connections with youth.

The second pillar looks at regional marketing. Our focus is on making the West Palatinate's positive qualities clear to the locals as well as our guests, possible new residents and investors. For this reason, we provide information on existing offerings, present the strengths of the region at events and trade fairs and, in doing so, work on a better image of the region.

The third pillar has to do with the improvement of the location quality and quality of life in the region. We recognise the potential and need for action and try to improve the West Palatinate's hard and soft location factors through small and large projects.

The fourth pillar describes the ZRW's network philosophy. The connection between the strengths already present in the region and the active exchange between the players makes us stronger and serves as a positive impetus. The ZRW serves as a central point of contact and builder of bridges in exchanges with neighbouring regions, particularly the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, but also in dialogues with the state government.