The West Palatinate offers charming landscapes, a wide range of sporting opportunities and numerous tourist destinations, but their appeal is nowhere near that of the Eiffel Tower, the Wine Route or Speyr Cathedral. From a tourism point of view, the West Palatinate is overshadowed by the eastern half of the Palatinate - also because the existing potential is not yet sufficiently exploited.

We strive for better networking within the tourism industry as well as better utilization and visualization of the existing qualities. To this end, in the past we supported and promoted, for example, offers for the qualification of tourism businesses and the Donnersberg "Symposium for Tourism and Business Promoters".

In order to profile the West Palatinate as an attractive tourist destination, we advocate a shift from a community-based presentation of the offerings toward a thematic approach. In this way, for example, the existing strengths in the areas of outdoor sports and wellness can be better highlighted, but also thematic focal points such as gardens & parks, castles & lookout towers, Celts & Romans can be worked out. With our overview of the diverse excursion destinations and accommodation options at, we are helping to strengthen tourism in the region.

At the end of 2021, we commissioned a study on the economic significance of tourism for the Palatinate together with Pfalz.Touristik and IHK Pfalz. In addition, we financed in-depth studies for all seven major regional authorities in the West Palatinate. The clearly presented results are available for download (german language):

Study of the Palatinate Tagesreisemonitor [Daily Travel Monitor]
Study Donnersbergkreis district Study City of Kaiserslautern
Study Kaiserslautern district Study City of Pirmasens
Study Kusel district Study City of Zweibrücken
Study Südwestpfalz district  


Project partners: Pfalz.Touristik [Palatinate.Tourism] e.V. | IHK Pfalz