An introduction to our region
Imagebroschüre: Die Westpfalz – german
Image brochure: West Palatinate – english
Illustrated book „One year in the West Palatinate“ – german, english, french

Progress report
Progress report of the years 2012–2016 – german
Progress report of the years 2016–2019 – german

Project report:
Künftige Fachkräftebedarfe: Eine Analyse für die Westpfalz (1.3 MB) – german

ZRW in the Rheinpfalz newspaper – german
2020 February (NEW)
2019 March, June, October
2018 March, June, October
2017 March, June, October
On request, we will also provide you with our special supplements from 2013 to 2016.

ZRW special supplement in the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper – german
Westpfalz: entdecken - erleben - genießen 2017
Westpfalz: entdecken - erleben - genießen 2016

Industrial Profiles
Automotive, Automation und E-Technologie – german
Automotive, Automation and E-Technology – english
Automobile, automatisation et e-technologie – french

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