Schule 4.0

Schule 4.0 [School 4.0]

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"Schule 4.0 - Vernetzung ist Zukunft" ["School 4.0 - Networking is the future"] is the name of a project that will establish a new type of teaching in the final years of school at the Hofenfels Gymnasium [Secondary School] in Zweibrücken. With tablets and the use of modern media, the school pupils should be better prepared for the demands in the age of digitalisation. Traditional teaching materials are supplemented and rounded out with iPads. That is how the youth of today will be made fit for tomorrow.

The Lehrstuhl für virtuelle Produktentwicklung [Institute for Virtual Product Development] at the TU Kaiserslautern [University of Kaiserslautern] as well as the Homburg location of the Robert Bosch company are participating in the project. The ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz is the main sponsor of the model project, which is taking place in conjunction with the school, university and the company. A cooperation agreement between the ZukunftsRegion and the Hofenfels Secondary School records the specific goals of the partners, including the transfer of experiences into other schools in the West Palatinate.

The project impulse has led to a long-term cooperation, in which pupils of the Hofenfels Secondary School participate in the “Robotik- Wettbewerb” [robotics competition] against students of the TU Kaiserslautern. An extension of the competition to other schools is planned.

Project period: since March 2015

Project partners: Hofenfels Gymnasium Zweibrücken | Bundestag Delegate Anita Schäfer | Lehrstuhl für virtuelle Produktentwicklung (VPE) Robert Bosch GmbH