Schülerforschungsverbund Westpfalz

Schülerforschungsverbund Westpfalz
[West Palatinate school pupil research centre]

Source: Körber-Stiftung/Jann Wilken

On the initiative of Bundestag Delegate Xaver Jung, since the end of 2015, there has been the possibility to create a school pupil research centre. It would enable school pupils in the region to be introduced to academic topics already during school, especially those from STEM fields. Similar projects from other cities and regions are serving as models.

The long-term goal is an innovative educational institution that is the intersection of school and university education for children, youth and young adults..

As an institution with contacts to the most important academic institutions in the area, the ZRW is one of the most active actors in the design phase. In February 2017, the project won the "MINT-Förderwettbewerb", endowed by Stifterverband and Körber-Stiftung with 30.000 Euro. A total of seven regions and cities were awarded in order to advance the MINT-activites in its region.

Project period: since the end of 2015

Project partner: Bundestag Delegate Xaver Jung