Special supplements

Special supplements

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As the most widely distributed daily newspaper in the region, "Die Rheinpfalz" is an important media partner and member of the ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz [FutureRegion West Palatinate]. Since mid-2013, three times a year, there has been an extensive special supplement in the "Rheinpfalz" which, with its edition of 72,500 copies, reaches a large majority of households in the region. In the special edition, current projects are shown and new members of the organisation are introduced.

The organisation's activities and its members become better known due to the media presence and reach users, participants and additional allies. In particular, for the business members, there is the possibility of increasing their degree of recognition in the region. Through the presence of regional themes and activities, the term "West Palatinate" becomes more firmly anchored in people's heads and a more positive image of the region is attained.

The "Pfälzischer Merkur" newspaper, which predominantly covers the Zweibrücken area, has also been a member since 2014. With three extensive special supplements in December 2014, the FutureRegion West Palatinate has also successfully showed its presence here. In the middle of 2016, a special supplement also was printed in the "Saarbrücker Zeitung" newspaper, which informed the neighbouring state of Saarland about the high quality of recreation activities in the West Palatinate.

You can also find the special supplements in PDF format under our publications.

Project period: since May 2013

Project partners: Die Rheinpfalz | Pfälzischer Merkur | Saarbrücker Zeitung