Westpfalz Wireless

Westpfalz Wireless [West Palatinate Wireless]

There is free wi-fi access at increasing numbers of locations in Germany, but it is still uncommon. Until now, free wi-fi has predominantly been found in cities like Berlin or Hamburg. With support from the ZRW, over time, more comprehensive, free wi-fi networks are being set up. In doing so, the West Palatinate is one of the pioneers in this field, is successfully presenting itself as an advanced, technology-oriented region and is creating a practical service for its residents and guests. Up until now, with the help of ZRW, free wi-fi networks have been installed in the following city centres in the West Palatinate:

  • Kaiserslautern
  • Pirmasens
  • Ramstein-Miesenbach
  • Kusel
  • Eisenberg
  • Zweibrücken

When realising the projects and financing them, the fact that the construction was completed in cooperation with local players was taken into account. As a rule, financing was split into thirds at the locations, between the ZRW, city and companies for public utilities.

Project period: since January 2014

Project partners: Pfalzconnect | K-Net | Stadtwerke [Public Utilties] Kusel | SWK Stadtwerke [Public Utiltiies] Kaiserslautern | Stadtwerke [Public Utilities] Ramstein-Miesenbach | Stadtwerke [Public Utilities] Pirmasens | City of Eisenberg | City of Zweibrücken | City of Kaiserslautern | City of Pirmasens

Westpfalz Wireless (excluding Zweibrücken and Eisenberg)