Our popular West Palatinate retroposters

Who doesn't know them: the postcards and posters with retro motives in the style of the 1920s from popular cities and vacation spots around the world. So here's what we thought: Why shouldn't there be such for the Western Palatinate as well?

The idea: There is to be a poster for each of the four counties and three independent cities in the Western Palatinate. The posters are being designed by a very talented illustrator from Portugal, who has so far implemented all our ideas wonderfully and uniquely. The motif of Berwartstein Castle in southwestern Palatinate made the start at the end of 2021, followed by the second poster with a romantic vineyard landscape and a view over the Zellertal valley in northern Palatinate, Donnersbergkreis. The third poster represents the district of Kusel with the motif of the Potzberg.
Now we are happy about the fourth motif of the series: the beautiful Karlstal!

We offer the posters and matching postcards free of charge. They can be picked up at our office (Bahnhofstr. 26 - 28 in Kaiserslautern) or, if desired, sent by mail and for a flat shipping fee of 10€. Pre-orders can be made at

So, what's the next motif in the series going to be?