Industrial Profiles

Industrial Profiles

In the course of our application to locate the European TESLA Gigafactory in Zweibrücken, a brochure was created in 2019 that bundled the competencies of business and science in the industry environment "Automotive, Automation and E-Technology" that is of interest to TESLA.

Following the example of this brochure, two further brochures were produced in 2020 on the competence areas "Metal, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Industry" and "IT Systems, Software and Artificial Intelligence". They address the region's most traditional industrial sector as well as its most promising sector of the future. Since 2021, two further brochures are available, which are highlighting the existing competencies in the areas of "Chemicals, plastics and composites" and "Transportation and logistics".

As a handout for companies or investors interested in relocating, the publications are intended to support the region's municipal economic development agencies in particular in promoting the region's strengths. As was the case with the first brochure of this kind, its production is supported by funding from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics.

Project partner: Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture

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