• Since 2016, the ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz has been honoring individuals who have made a special contribution to the development of the West Palatinate...

13th ZRW General Assembly

The 13th General Assembly of the ZRW will take place this year in Ramstein at the Congress Center (CCR; formerly Haus des Bürgers). It starts at 16:00 with the reception. Official start of the event is at 17:00.

You can look forward to many interesting insights into current projects, what has happened in the association during the last year and what is still to come in the near future.


10. Economic Dialogue

Vergangenes Wirtschaftsge(h)spräch

The West Palatinate is a good place to live. More and more people have recognized this in recent years. But how can we make our region even more attractive in the future, especially for young people and families? How can we increase the social well-being of the people in our region? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you at our 10th West Palatinate Economic Dialogue on July 11, 2022.

Leadership Connect – Employment Agency KL-PS

On May 12, the Leadership Connect program continued with a visit to the Kaiserslautern-Pirmasens Employment Agency, one of 150 employment agencies nationwide with nearly 600 locations. The participants were welcomed by Markus Metz, department head for career and study counseling, and Oliver Busch, team leader for career and study counseling, who provided an informative insight into the work of the agency.


ZRW Summer Party

After a successful 10th anniversary celebration last year, we invite our association members as well as all others interested in our association for a summer party on July 14 starting at 5:00 pm. This time we will go to the House of Sustainability [Haus der Nachhaltigkeit] at Johanniskreuz in Trippstadt.


Leadership Connect

Americans have been stationed in Western Palatinate since the end of the Second World War. Ramstein Air Base is considered the most important U.S. military base in Europe, and not only that: it is even the largest military base outside the United States.
West Palatinate residents and around 52,000 Americans have thus been living together in this region for over 70 years, and the cooperation and connection with the Americans stationed here is now to be intensified.


Expert exchange on biotechnological innovations

Together with the Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate, we invite you to an expert exchange on biotechnological innovations at the Kaiserslautern campus of the RPTU on 24 February 2023 (14:00-18:00). The focus will be on the sub-projects of our "Waste2Value" initiative. The event is aimed in particular at companies that want to develop promising products and processes through targeted innovation projects. State Secretary Michael Hauer, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e.V., will open the event with a welcome address.



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