13th ZRW General Assembly

The 13th General Assembly of the ZRW will take place this year in Ramstein at the Congress Center (CCR; formerly Haus des Bürgers). It starts at 16:00 with the reception. Official start of the event is at 17:00.

You can look forward to many interesting insights into current projects, what has happened in the association during the last year and what is still to come in the near future.


10. Economic Dialogue

Vergangenes Wirtschaftsge(h)spräch

The West Palatinate is a good place to live. More and more people have recognized this in recent years. But how can we make our region even more attractive in the future, especially for young people and families? How can we increase the social well-being of the people in our region? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you at our 10th West Palatinate Economic Dialogue on July 11, 2022.

Report of the 3rd network meeting – "Female leaders in the past - Female leaders today"

"You can lead well if you can lead yourself well and reflect on yourself"

This quote from Jutta Metzler, Deputy Chairwoman of the ZRW and Vice President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, sums up the 3rd network meeting of the women leaders in the Western Palatinate. On Tuesday, October 10, around 50 women leaders from the Western Palatinate came together to exchange ideas on the topic of "Female leaders in the past - Female leaders today".


3. Wirtschaftstreff Westpfalz

For our 3rd Wirtschaftstreff Westpfalz, we invite you to get to know the chocolate side of our region. Since its foundation in 1957, the family-owned company WAWI has developed from a small food producer to an international player in the confectionery industry - with production sites from Canada to Pirmasens. The 140 employees at the two sites in our region take care of the development of new products in addition to production and administration.


12. Wirtschaftsge(h)spräch [Business Talk]

The West Palatinate economy is characterized by countless medium-sized companies that successfully hold their own against their competitors. The basis for this is good entrepreneurship: the courage to take calculated risks, the assumption of responsibility and motivating leadership.

Together with you, we would like to get to know entrepreneurs in the southwesternmost corner of our region who succeed with the support of an international workforce. The openness towards other cultures and the human interaction with each other is the basis for this.



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