A residential centre with a high quality of life

A residential centre with a high quality of life

© Michael Rübel

Living where others go on holiday? It is possible in the West Palatinate – without having to spend a fortune.

Idyllic villages, quiet residential areas and lively city neighbourhoods – there is actually something for everyone here. We just don't have any metropolitan areas. At first glance, for some people, there might just seem to be too little going on, but those who take a closer look discover the strengths of the region. Natural areas with almost unlimited possibilities to relax and do sport, numerous festivals and cultural offers, safety, family-friendliness, low prices, very little traffic... 

Here you can enjoy a high quality of life!
Nature is always close by – never more than a kilometre away. Enjoying a bike trip in the country or going rock climbing after work? Here, the end of the work day quickly turns into a short holiday.

Enjoy an individual work-life balance!
Getting to work in less than 30 minutes, without stressful traffic? No problem! Here, you can save time. Here, you can find a high quality of life and a great job.

Find your dream home!
A cottage in the country or a loft in a former shoe factory? In the West Palatinate, all of your residential dreams can come true.

You have the space to let your creativity grow!
Even outside of big cities, creativity can develop, thanks to affordable rent and the Westpfalz: KREATIV [West Palatinate: CREATIVE] initiative.