Business and work network meet-ups

Business and work network meet-ups

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One of the most important goals of ZRW is to strengthen the exchange between the players in the West Palatinate. Therefore, together with the Agentur für Arbeit Kaiserlautern-Pirmasens [Federal Employment Agency Kaiserslautern-Pirmasens], we regularly organise an exchange on the topics of business and the job market. In addition to ZRW and the employment agency, the business development agencies for the counties and district-free cities in the West Palatinate participate. Since 2016, both institutes of higher education as well as the Handwerkskammer [Chamber of Handicrafts] and the Industrie- und Handelskammer [Chamber of Industry and Commerce] have been involved in the exchange.

The participants in the session find out about projects and possibilities for cooperation as well as upcoming events, but also changes affecting business in the region and the job market, such as the establishment of larger businesses. The results of the discussions influence the federal employment agency's prognoses for the development of the job market.

Project period: since October 2013

Project partners: Agentur für Arbeit Kaiserslautern-Pirmasens | Wirtschaftsförderung Kaiserslautern [Business Development Kaiserslautern] | Wirtschaftsförderung Pirmasens [Business Development Pirmasens] | Wirtschaftsförderung Zweibrücken [Business Development Zweibrücken] | Wirtschaftsförderung Südwestpfalz [Business Development Southwest Palatinate] | Wirtschaftsforum Donnersberg [Business Forum Donnersberg] | Wirtschaftsservicebüro Kreis Kusel [Kusel County Business Service Office]