BusinessMeeting West Palatinate

BusinessMeeting West Palatinate

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In 2015, with BusinessMeeting West Palatinate, ZRW established a communication platform that should intensify the exchange between the representatives of businesses in the West Palatinate. The participants in the BusinessMeeting can expect an exciting company visit combined with an expert discussion and relaxed talks. In order to prevent multiple providers from creating competition with a number of events, we could win over the German Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft [Association for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses] (BVMW), the Kaiserslautern Wirtschaftsjunioren [Business Juniors] and the radio station RPR1. as partners.

After the first events, the participating partners reached a positive conclusion. All spots were taken at the first meeting at the General Dynamics Plant in Kaiserslautern on 9 June 2015 as well as at Mobotix in Langmeil on 15 September 2015, Peter Kaiser in Pirmasens on 5 April 2016 and Terex Cranes in Zweibrücken on 20 September 2016. The last event was hosted by Langhammer in Eisenberg at 19 October 2017.

Project period: since December 2014

Project partners: BVMW | Wirtschaftsjunioren Kaiserslautern | RPR1.