Westpfalz: KREATIV network

Westpfalz: KREATIV
[West Palatinate: CREATIVE] network

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In the year 2011, the creative network PS: Kreativ [PS: Creative] was founded by the City of Pirmasens's Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung & Liegenschaften [Office for Economic Development and Real Estate]. It is an alliance between numerous active artists who exchange ideas at a monthly meet-up and plan and implement various campaigns. This network makes up the core of development for a regional network with the name Westpfalz: KREATIV.

Westpfalz: KREATIV will become a platform for artists from the West Palatinate region where they can exchange ideas, learn, get to know each other, cooperate, present their work and finally, play an important role for their business and the region. Through the network, the creative fields will gain ideas for development and their potential can become more transparent, even for more "traditional" business areas.
Westpfalz: KREATIV is made up of freelancers as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. They produce and spread their creative products and services on their own.

ZRW initiated the creative network, financed its expansion and the maintenance of the online platform westpfalz-kreativ.de and supports the further promotion of its offerings. After the official start for the regional creative network and after the successful creation of an online platform, in 2015, the goal was to continue to expand the network. After a kick-off event, a local sub-group (with currently around 100 people) was started in Kaiserslautern as well. It meets regularly and, at the beginning of July, hosted its first event together, a "creative mile" at the Altstadtfest [Old Town Festival] in Kaiserslautern. 

Project period: since 2012

Project partners: Wirtschaftsförderung Stadt Pirmasens | Kulturreferat Stadt Kaiserslautern [Cultural Department of the City of Kaiserslautern] | Marina Furin | Stefanie Sander