West Palatinate mobility portal

West Palatinate mobility portal

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The ride to a party in the evening, a day trip on the weekend or the daily commute to work – it doesn't always have to be your own automobile. You are also mobile with other alternatives, and they are practical, environmentally friendly, and most of them are even cheaper.

In recent years, many additional offers have sprung up that make it possible for us to partially or completely do without our own automobiles. It is especially good news for people without a driving license, with low income or with physical limitations.

In light of the number of providers, offers and possibilities, the search for the best means of transport often becomes a challenge that takes up time and nerves. At this point, our mobility portal comes into play. It creates an overview of the available possibilities for you and in doing so, helps you to receive the offer that suits you the best in a quick and uncomplicated way.

In order to make the mobility portal known throughout the region, together with RPR1., a radio campaign was carried out, driven by the slogan "Mobility is in our nature!" and an attractive sweepstakes. The creation and publicity for a portal was made possible by project funding from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry for the Interior.

Project period: September 2014 - Mai 2015

Project partners: RPR1. | Ministry for the Interior and for Sport