A status analysis of educational transitions in the West Palatinate

A status analysis of educational transitions in the West Palatinate

The ZRW's top goal is the long-term availability of skilled workers in the region. For this purpose, the present  work force potential in the area in particular must be better utilised. As a basis for the ZRW's activities in this area, on behalf of ZRW, in 2013, the Entwicklungsagentur Rheinland-Pfalz [Rhineland-Palatinate Development Agency] created a background study with the title Perspektiven der Wirtschafts- und Bildungsregion Westpfalz [Perspectives of the West Palatinate business and education region].

In it, they especially touched on the demographically-induced changes in the pool of skilled workers in the West Palatinate as well as the existing activities to simplify the educational transitions of youth in the region. The Development Agency also carried out comprehensive literature and internet research as well as a number of interviews, predominantly with regional experts. In doing so, more than 60 initiatives and projects were identified that, for example, are concerned with the success of school and vocational training transitions, junior academics and company management that is focused on skilled workers. The overview illustrates the variety of activities, but also shows overlaps and needs for optimisation and therefore serves as the basis for further work by regional actors in this field.

Project period: March 2013 - October 2013

Project partner: Entwicklungsagentur Rheinland-Pfalz e.v.

Text of the study