Internationale Westpfalz campaign

Internationale Westpfalz
[International West Palatinate] campaign

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People from around 140 countries live in the West Palatinate and, with their various cultural backgrounds, liven up life together in the region. Around 50,000 Americans make up the largest group of non-Germans in the West Palatinate.

In cooperation with Kaiserslautern-based photographer Thomas Brenner, the ZRW published a calendar for the year 2014. The unifying element: foreign residents who live and work in the West Palatinate. Five hundred calendars were distributed throughout the region and a framed poster with 12 images was hung up in ministries and immigration offices in the region. The Wirtschaftsministerin [Minister of Economic Affairs] at the time, Eveline Lemke, praised the project in the framework of her greeting to the general assembly in 2013.

The message of the campaign: the West Palatinate is more international than many of us think and the foreign residents play an important part in ensuring the future of our region.

Project period: October 2012 - February 2014

Project partner: Thomas Brenner