Image analysis of the West Palatinate

Image analysis of the West Palatinate

© Benny Hörle

The West Palatinate is more than just the Kaiserslautern Football Club...

On behalf of ZRW, the consulting company paulusresult. carried out a questionnaire with around 400 participants on the (internal) image of the West Palatinate region. Students of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern [Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences], residents of the city of Zweibrücken, ZRW members, employees at BorgWarner (Kirchheimboland), and guests at the Hotel Kunz (Pirmasens) were consulted.

The participants were asked what they associate with the West Palatinate, what they especially like or what should be improved and whether they would recommend the region. The goal of the survey was to find out the attitude, strengths and weakness of the region as well as determine recommendations for prioritisation.


  • The respondents' readiness to recommend the region is rather low. Around half would not further recommend the region.
  • Students and employees had a particularly negative view on the region. The same applies to young people in general.
  • The readiness to further recommend the region increases the longer a person has lived here and with increasing age.
  • The most important image carrier: the Palatinate Forest
  • Positive characteristics of the West Palatinate: landscape / nature / forest, mentality / quiet / cosiness
  • Negative characteristics of the West Palatinate: transport connections and infrastructure, culture and free time, jobs

Recommendations on the part of paulusresult:

  • The high dissatisfaction of young people means that special efforts for this group are required
  • Nature and landscape as well as quiet and cosiness could be the basis of an image campaign
  • The greatest needs for improvement are in the areas of transport connections and infrastructure as well as culture and free time

Project period: September 2012 - June 2013

Project partner: paulusresult.