An analysis of future needs for skilled workers

An analysis of future needs for skilled workers

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The Künftige Fachkräftebedarfe: Eine Analyse für die Westpfalz [Future needs for skilled workers: an analysis for the West Palatinate] project, begun in 2013, had the goal of determining the number of skilled workers in the region for the future in a differentiated way, if possible, and derive conclusions for the needs of job training and further education.

The cooperative project from ZRW and the Agentur für Arbeit [Federal Employment Agency] Kaiserslautern-Pirmasens, which shared project costs, is based on the agency's labour market monitoring statistics, supplemented by the results of a survey of West Palatinate businesses on expected needs for skilled workers that was carried out within the framework of the project.

According to the findings, the demographic change in the region is already clearly noticeable. Around a third of the employees in small and microenterprises are 50 years of age and older. Many experienced employees will retire in the coming years. Right now, the employers in the region are already seeing clear signs of skilled labour shortages. In particular, social and ethical competences are becoming increasingly important, because more complex work processes require interdisciplinary understanding and actions.

Project period: June 2013 - February 2016

Project partners: Agentur für Arbeit | blickgerecht.

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